We have been concentrating to provide high quality precision products for our customers since our company was established in 1961. We have continually worked to update and develop new products that our customers require. Our products are manufactured with the best cutting-edge technology available using the newest equipment under the strict precision production management system. Therefore we have earned the trust from many customers. We will continue to strive in our efforts to gain our customers’ satisfaction for many years to come.

Haruo Nagasawa,


February,1961:The company was established by Seiji Nagasawa.
Manufacturing and distribution of textile machines started in Kiryu city.
August,1965:Manufacturing auto parts started on a parallel course with manufacturing textile machines.
April, 1972:Factory moved to Azami Kasakake town to expand business.
September, 1988:New factory established at the same place (Azami Kasakake town) for extension of business
May, 1995:Building built as a 330㎡ extension at the same place.
June, 1997:Building built as a 330㎡ extension at the same place. (2nd time)
May, 2000:Building built as a 330㎡ extension at the same place. (3rd time)
March, 2011:ISO 9001:2008 / JIS Q 9001:2008 acquired (Headquarters)
October, 2011:Niisato Factory was established for new business in Niisato town in Kiryu city.
July, 2014:Acquired ISO 14001 (Headquarters)
January, 2015:Acquired Integrated Authentication of ISO 9001/14001
(for both Headquarters and Niisato Factory)
February, 2015:Azami Factory established in Kasakake town in Midori city