Our company has been regarded in high esteem by customers who seek high-precision, innovative technology in many fields, especially in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment field. Since the polishing technology has been established, the integrated system of production from raw material to finished product has become available. We are committed to develop new technologies in the metal-working field not only in Japan, but globally for many years to come.

Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment:

Our company is one of the market leading companies in the cutting work technology for semiconductor manufacturing parts.

High-precision processing technology is required to produce accurate cutting materials.

It is needed for rigid metal cutting machines and parts retainers, cooling equipment systems, and the cutting speed must be properly adjusted, etc. Furthermore our know-how has been accumulated for a long time and serves as the basis for our high precision cutting technology.

Medical Equipment:

We have been manufacturing parts for medical which meet 3A standard, ISO standard, etc.

Auto Parts:

Auto safety has been subject to scrutiny of every part, and the quality of its parts depends on the machine processing technology.

Hydraulic Machinery:

High durability and complicated components are requirements for the hydraulic machine. This is where the NAGASAWA Company excels.